Renay Dossman - Neighborhood Development Center

"Anni Boyum has the gift of seeing more in me than I see in myself, and she can do that for you too. She has this amazing ability to call me forward into my purpose and support me on my journey. She has done that for executives on my staff as well. I am so grateful for her essence and guidance, I would literally walk on hot coals for her. "

Renay Dossman
President, Neighborhood Develpment Center

Marcu Owens African American Leadership Forum

“Ann helped me realize what I already had within me as a leader. Her approach to coaching provided me the space to think strategically and build my personal capacity to lead at a high level.”

Marcus Owens
Executive Director
African American Leadership Forum

"Ann is transformative and has had a great impact on my life in a short-time. Her questions get my mind working in new and different ways that instantly give me different perspectives. I experience several "aha" or "light bulb" moments of insight into myself or direct reports or relatives. And while we talk in-depth about life, personal, and work challenges, she makes me laugh out loud at least once per session. I appreciate Ann’s skills, compassion, support, and humor. She has my highest recommendation!"

Minneapolis non-profit program manager

"Ann was a critical partner to me when I was at a time of change and immense pressure at work. Ann met me right where I was, without judgment. I am so grateful that Ann helped me show up as the leader I wanted to be without losing the core of what I valued about myself as a person. She was a life saver!” 

Senior Vice President, Target Corporation

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